Nails on a chalkboard.  That's famous for making people cringe but it's not the only sound people hate to hear.  For me, it's someone snapping or cracking their gum.   I hate that sound!  If you're curious what are the most popular annoying sounds, read on.

British researchers came up with this list.  They looked at people's brain reactions after hearing various noises.  Guess what the most annoying sound is?  A knife on a bottle.  That really bugs people.  The rest of the top ten, in order are: fork on a glass, chalk on a blackboard, ruler on a bottle, nails on a blackboard, female scream, anglegrinder, squealing brakes on a cycle, crying baby and an electric drill.  I knew a drill had to be on the list somewhere.  I was thinking a dentist drill but hey, a drill is a drill.  What sound really irritates you?

Photo by Keystone/Getty Images