We're half way through 2012 (we know, where has this year gone!). If, as the Mayans say, it's the end of the line - it's been a crazy last year, and likely to only get nuttier. Below are the 5 most viewed articles on Lite 98.7 through the first 6 months of 2012.

  • 1

    Did the Miami Zombie Infect His Victim

    The 'Miami Zombie' was the story that started all of the Zombie Apocalypse talk. It's now been reported that there were no illicit drugs in the attacker's system. Here in Utica, it's been bath salts that have caused zombie like attacks.

  • 2

    Could Flyboarding Work on Oneida Lake

    It's a craze that started in Europe and has just landed on American shores. Take a look at this incredibly fun looking water sport and then let us know if you could see doing something like this on Oneida Lake.

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    Ruffles Rescue Helps Dogs With Severe Tick Infection

    It's the most disturbing story we've reported on all year. Ruffles Rescue, based in California, put a plea on Facebook for assistance after they took in a litter of puppies who came from an neglectful environment. They pups had severe tick infections, especially in their ears. The photos are heart wrenching. Ruffles was able to raise the money they needed to get the dogs treated.

  • 4

    Missing Oneida County Teen Amanda Aikens

    You helped us track down a missing/run away teen from the Camden area. Thank you again for spreading the word by sharing this story via Facebook. You made a difference!

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    Zombie Attack In Maryland - Man Eats Victim's Heart and Brains

    Yes, the Zombies are back on our list. The most viewed story on Lite 98.7 so far this year was the story of another disturbing 'Zombie Apocalypse' style attack from Maryland.