So how many of that do you need to be happy? Do we need another of those, or can we live with just one? There are some things I have two of that I'm just thrilled about. I have two nieces, two nephews, two sons and two brothers. I work two jobs and live in a two story house (with two Christmas trees). But what about the things we have two of that we can live without. Do you need two cell phones? Two freezers or a two car garage? Do we have too much in this country or could we used a little more?I decided to go around my house and snap a picture of everything I have two of that just a few years ago, I only had one. I have plenty of storage space now with an extra shed. I believe I consume more food than needed because of a second refrigerator. Two cordless phones ring when an annoying telemarketer calls and I really own three cars as my wife and son's car are also in my name though you'll only see two pictured. I think 2013 will be a year of restraint. If I'm considering buying a second one of what I already have, I'll resist...I hope. How about you? What do you have two of, that you can get by with just one of? Feel free to comment...twice.