How is this possible? No heart? Wow! This is the story of Craig Lewis who at the age of 55, was dying from a serious heart condition that even with a pacemaker, he was doomed. Fortunately Craig met the doctors that have been installing a ‘continuous flow’ device into animals with tremendous success.

This ‘continuous flow’ device allows the blood to circulate through the body without a pulse.

The Daily Mail tells us more about the incredible work being done by Dr. Billy Cohn and Dr. Bud Frazie;

The two doctors had developed the device some time before and had tested it on nearly 50 calves.

They removed the animals’ hearts, and by the next day, the calves were doing everything they were the day before – eating, sleeping, and moving – but this time, without a heart pumping blood through their bodies.

History show us that artificial hearts have been experimented with for decades, but Texas Heart Institute President Dr. James T. Willerson says that this time we have ‘medical history in the making.’ Let's hope so.

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