A bunch of tiny homes have popped up in Syracuse, and it's part of a project to provide affordable housing for those who need it most. Could something like this work in Utica?

The project in Syracuse was created by A Tiny Home For Good, a nonprofit dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions for the homeless. This current collection of houses on Bellevue Avenue is specifically for homeless veterans. According to an article in Syracuse.com, these 300-square-foot homes will be rented for $300 a month with the nonprofit covering all utilities for the first year.

Tiny Cottage

We've heard a lot about the tiny homes over the past couple years, but this seems like a great solution for any city where people struggle to find affordable housing. Is there an empty space in Utica that could be converted to this type of use? Are there people willing to donate the materials and volunteers willing to do the work to make a project like this work here?


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