Supernatural and classic monster tales seem to have become all the rage in TV these days, with everything from 'Beauty and the Beast' to NBC's 'Mockingbird Lane' to capitalize on the spooky trend. Now TNT looks to get in the game with their own version of the 'Frankenstein' myth, but who needs Mary Shelley when you have Dean Koontz? Rather than a classic adaptation, TNT's version will cull from the modern-day New Orleans incarnation. But what father-son duo will bring the monster to life?

It may not have worked out for NBC's 'Munsters' reboot 'Mockingbird Lane,' but would 'Frankenstein' be the next big thing? According to Deadline, TNT has just closed a deal with 'Dracula' and 'Hook' writer James V. Hart, as well as his son Jake to adapt 'Frankenstein' to series. Instead of a straight adaptation of the classic tale, however, TNT's 'Frankenstein' will adapt the Dean Koontz novel series.

In Koontz's series, Victor Helios (Frankenstein) and his monster reunite in New Orleans 200 years after their climactic battle in the Arctic, Victor having kept himself alive through science. Once the pair discover one another's existence, the creature launches an all-out war on his maker and the new race of bizarre beings engineered to answer to him.

Hart will executive produce alongside Koontz, whose five-novel series based on the classic Mary Shelley tale have sold more than 20 million copies. Will you tune in for TNT's 'Frankenstein'?

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