The rather robust Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, somehow managed to walk face first into a TV news camera on Monday (April 15th). After further review, it appears that the camera man actually ran into him. The Mayor did say "excuse me" yet the reporters continued to crowd him.  Warning: The Mayor was upset so there is bleeped profanity and the word "Christ" in the video.

I guess being surrounded by TV cameras is an occupational hazard if you're busy official or in the community spotlight. But is it okay for reporters to be in your face to the point of being "in your face?"

'Ah f*** man. Holy Christ!' he exclaimed as he rubbed his face after the run-in. 'Holy. Guys have some respect, you just hit me in the face with a camera.' I agree with the Mayor despite all the controversy that surrounds him.

Before the crash, Ford was commenting on the ongoing executive committee meeting on a casino.

'There are people that are for it, there are people that are against it - that's why we're having (this meeting). Excuse me guys,'

That's what he said, just before getting knocked in the face.

In November 2012, he was found to have violated Ontario's municipal conflict of interest law and ordered removed from office.

Security guards quickly whisked Ford through a side door and away from the media.

'He's a little sore but he'll be okay,' Ford's press secretary George Christopoulos told the Toronto Sun.

Mr. Ford has a reputation for walking quickly and forcing the media to chase him in order to ask him questions, but still, clear the way folks...thanks.