Town Hall meetings can be dull, what with the discussions of taxes and other mind-numbing subjects. But for one such meeting, hosted by New Jersey 101.5 on-air personalities Dennis and Judi, the minutes were a lot more interesting. Because the meeting actually included a surprise marriage proposal.

After Joe and Emily from Cherry Hill, NJ got tickets to the event, Joe hatched a plan — he would use the event to pop the question to his longtime girlfriend, a big fan of Dennis and Judi’s show. He reached out to the pair by email, and they loved the idea.

So during the Q&A that closed the meeting, Joe stood up under the guise of asking a question, and Judi played along, even grilling Joe about why he’d been with Emily so long without making it official. That’s when Joe whipped a ring out of his pocket and dropped to one knee, possibly giving his betrothed the shock of her life.

Congrats, kids. And kudos to Dennis and Judi for helping to orchestrate the whole thing. We can add this charming moment to the list of outrageous marriage proposals.

[via NJ1015]