A traffic advisory has been issued for Utica, New York today.

The Downtown Ramp to Route 5S Oriskany Street East and Route 5A Oriskany Street West will be closed between 9:00am and 6:00pm to permit construction on the ramp.

The New York State Department of Transportation says drivers:

"...on Route 12 North wanting to access Route 5S East will be directed to stay on Route 12 north to I-790 East, take a right on to Genesee Street south, onto Broad Street East, to Route 5S East."

"Motorists traveling North on Route 12 wanting to access Route 5A West will be directed to stay on Route 12 North to Glass Factory Road interchange, then back down on to Route 12 South to Route 5A West Whitesboro."

Drivers are advised to use extra caution in the area and allow extra time for travel.