The Utica Zoo is taking extra precautions to keep their animals cool during this heat wave.

Many animals at the Zoo are native to areas where high heat and humidity are common, but for the animals from cold weather areas, there are greater precautions being taken.

Zoo officials say all animals will get extra water.

Some animals, including Trans-Caspian Urials and North American Bald Eagles, have been given sprinklers inside their exhibits to cool off and beat the heat.

Animal care staff has also increased observations on all animals to keep an extra close eye on them and how they are handling the heat.

“While our animal care staff always keeps a close, watchful eye on all of our animals, on days with high heat or humidity, we like to be over prepared and give our animals everything they could possibly need to combat the heat,” said Marketing Coordinator Mark Simon. “Many of our animals love this weather, but we also have many animals who are not as well outfitted for the heat, so we make sure everyone has plenty of water, and shade or indoor access to cool off. We also brought out lots of fans and air conditioners for some animals. We go through this type of weather at least once every summer, so we are always prepared when it inevitably happens.”

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