Pass by the Vanderbilt/Larned Parking Garage in Syracuse's Hanover Square and you'd be excused for not realizing the historic facades actually house a 5 story parking structure.
 According to the National Development Council,

Not only does the Vanderbilt/Larned parking facility assist in eliminating the parking congestion that plagued the district before its construction, but, because the project involved the preservation of the Larned  Building’s historic façade as the exterior of this new parking structure, it enhances the area, and is an important contributor to the preservation of the  historic streetscapes  in downtown Syracuse.

The Larned Building was built in 1869 in an architectural style known as Second Empire, which was popular for buildings built between 1865 and 1880. After a fire gutted the interior of the building, it was converted into the parking structure retaining the historic facade. It is located at the corner of Washington and Warren streets.

Another Second Empire style building in the city is the Hall of Languages on the campus of Syracuse University.

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