YouTube went retro nostalgic with their new feature called VHS mode.  Now you can watch some videos with the grainy look that only comes from analog magnetic tape.  YouTube announced the feature on their blog to honor the introduction of the VCR.

I remember when my family got our first VCR.  It was a big, bulky monstrosity and the 'remote' control was corded to the machine.  We wore out the fast-forward button quickly.  What a marvel it was to be able to skip ahead in the program you'd recorded.

How does YouTube give you the VHS feel?  You'll notice the tracking is off when you flip on VHS mode: the white skipping lines that cascade down the screen.

Scrub forward or backward and you'll see the image warp with the forward or reverse.

Finally, press pause and you'll see that unsettled image of a classic VCR.

I've been looking for different videos that have tape mode turned on.  This one of a review of the cartoon Ratatouille was highlighted in a Mashable article about the new feature.


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