One of the worst things for a bride on her wedding day is not having her father there to walk her down the aisle. For Alexandra Merante of Camillus this was an unfortunate possibility. She and her now-husband and Marine, Philip Wall, were set to be married in July of 2016. However, her father Paul was recently diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. That's when they decided to move the wedding up.

Paul Merante was admitted to Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse and that is where the wedding was held. Merante told,

It was the best day of my life since the day my daughter she was born. It's a miracle come true. Seeing her come down the aisle and giving her to her husband was just like when the doctors handed her to me when she was born. was also there to capture the beautiful moment for the father and daughter.

The love between a father and daughter is something remarkable and Ali will always remember her dad being there to share her big day.

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