It's one of the busiest shopping days of the year...Here's what you absolutely do not want to buy today.  There are plenty of excellent gifts you can purchase while you're at work but there are certain others you must avoid.

Digital Cameras

New model cameras are not released until January. There's a really good chance you won't see a price drop until then. Unless you're buying a certain model at a close out price wait until after the 1st of the New Year to get the best deal. If you don't want to disappoint a relative who is expecting to open a new camera on Christmas morning consider taking a picture of the item and wrapping it up with a little note notifying them of their future gift.

Impulse Buys

If you're impulsive like me we may need to exercise some restraint today. When I see something I really like I usually run right after it. Last year I purchased a jacket online but before I checked out, the retailer suggested that I add a pair of really fashionable jeans to my order. I clicked yes. I learned a major mistake 20 minutes later after I saw the same pair of jeans for $23.00 less! Many retailers will suggest adding extra items to your virtual shopping cart. Fight your urge to splurge and do some comparison shopping first!

Televisions and Large Electronics

If you decided not to venture out into the madness on Black Friday to purchase that 65" flat screen TV you may want hold off on making that purchase until January when prices will be dramatically lower. If you're considering buying this gift for your husband wait until after the International Consumer Electronics Show and present it to him on Super Bowl Sunday! He'll completely understand and he'll thank you later for being such a creative genius.

Here are some additional Cyber Monday suggestions!