Many have always wondered the exact location of where the Times Square New Year's Eve Ball is lowered from. Its a clear answer on a general location: Times Square. Where is the New Year's Eve Ball location and the best spot to see it? Here's the details. 

According to the official site of Time Square, The Times Square New Year's Eve Ball descends from a flagpole at the top of One Times Square. It can best be seen along Broadway, from 43rd Street to 50th Street, and along Seventh Avenue, as far north as 59th Street. Of course you can see it very good at home too.

Is alcohol or champagne allowed in Time Square? The answer is No. Public drinking is illegal in New York City. Will there be food and drink vendors in the square? The answer is No. There will be no licensed food and beverage vendors in Times Square. However, there are hundreds of restaurants in and around Times Square.