One of the questions that we are always asked is “Are cemeteries haunted? If they are, why?” That’s a seemingly simple question that has a very complex answer. The simple answer to those questions is that some are, some aren’t, and the reasons vary depending on the ghost.

To elaborate on that simple answer, many cemeteries are haunted. Some of them aren’t. Are they a viable location to investigate? That’s an active debate in the paranormal community. Some feel that investigating is disrespectful to the people buried there, and that drawing attention to cemeteries will only increase vandalism. They do have a point, as sometimes groups will go through a cemetery without regard to the gravestones, or anything else in the cemetery, causing damage. This leads to increased police activity, which is something to be aware of when checking out a cemetery. The other side feels that a cemetery can be investigated in a respectful manner, and that when people stop seeing a cemetery as something creepy and spooky, and begin connecting the spirits in that cemetery with the names on the headstones they are more likely to support and aid in the preservation of that cemetery and others.

This brings us to the second question. Why are cemeteries haunted? It’s easy to understand why a house would be haunted. That was someone’s home, and anyone who is a homeowner, or has a place of their own, can understand the pride and love that comes from having a space that is yours. But cemeteries aren’t a home until we are long past caring where we are on this physical plane.

Yet reports of seeing spirits, mists, orbs and other ghostly activity in cemeteries are common. In Utica, St. Agnes Cemetery is reported to be haunted by a woman who wanders the grounds. Reports like these are common for cemeteries. It’s hard to give a blanket reason why cemeteries are haunted. Perhaps the spirit is one who is tied to their physical body, refusing to leave, even long after their body is gone. Or maybe the spirits are people who were fascinated with cemeteries when alive, and have yet to decide to leave them…

[Contributed by NY Shadow Chasers]


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