Just when you thought the Carousel Center in Syracuse couldn't get any bigger with the addition of Destiny USA, lookout, here comes an upside-down amusement park for the mind. Wonderworks will officially open its upside-down doors on Friday, Nov. 9 at 10 a.m., on Level 3 of Destiny USA’s new canyon area. The grand opening celebration will continue through Saturday, the 10th. If your lucky enough to be one of the first 100 guests in line you'll get free general admission into WonderWorks. What is WonderWorks?
According to company;

WonderWorks is an amusement park for the mind combining education and entertainment in over 100 hands-on exhibits that will spark the imagination and challenge the mind. Interactive, educational and fun for all ages, the attraction will offer visitors a variety of experiences, including being blown away by 84 mph hurricane-force winds, maneuvering the controls of a NASA spacecraft to land the shuttle, lying on a bed of 3,500 nails, piloting a fighter jet, designing and riding a 360-degree virtual roller coaster and competing in a game of lazer tag.

The legend is that WonderWorks was once a top-secret research laboratory where scientists from around the world collaborated to find answers to the unexplainable. Something went horribly wrong during their experiment to harness a man-made tornado and the power was unleashed throughout the laboratory, carrying it thousands of miles from the Bermuda Triangle. When visitors enter WonderWorks, they will pass through an inversion tunnel that will turn their perspective upside down. Once inside, guests will find all of the exciting interactive activities miraculously left intact after the tornado and available for everyone to enjoy.

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