Huh? All I see is a cop killer. I see the police out-gunned and I feel terrible that a police officer was killed. If you read through some of the blogs about Chris Dorner,  here is what you'll find. You won't believe it.

According to

"As of Monday, the triple-murder suspect had more than 70 Facebook fan pages, some of them with thousands of likes. Many people were going on those pages to call him an American hero, a man of true conviction who is fighting for his beliefs. Others praised him for attempting to fight injustice and racism "by any means necessary," quoting the expression popularized by Malcom X during the 1960s Black Power movement."

From the Huffington Post,

" Call it the "Dark Knight Complex." In the age of the Internet and social media, behind certain high-profile alleged murderers, there are loyal fans. Supporters of Christopher Dorner, the former LA policeman turned "cop killer," have shown up online, with tweets and fan pages on Facebook. Some call Dorner a "hero" for writing a manifesto alleged on racism and corruption within the LAPD."

And lastly, if you can stomach anymore, from

" #Dorner is not a violent crazy man with a gun. But a hero, who is fighting fire with fire, for all of us who have been victimized by LAPD.
— El Monte Blanco (@ElMonteBlanco) February 8, 2013

#Dorner is an American hero, uncovering the racist pigs.#lapd are the criminals #darkknight
— Sally The Slut (@Sallytheslut1) February 9, 2013

Christopher Dorner is a hero. Realest # he ever wrote. Bless his soul.…
— Mike B Dot (@whos_mikeB) February 9, 2013"

Ugg. That's freedom of speech for ya.