Over 30 years ago, this 1959 Mercedes was completely re-designed from the bumpers to the headlamp assembly, grill, buttons, knobs and switches. They are all encrusted with 23k gold as this rolling gold mine was formerly owned by one of the world's most loved sports icons, Mr. Muhammad Ali. It is now on display in Manteca, California.

Muhammad Ali had the vehicle customized to resemble an Arabian palace.
Phil Waterford tells us:

Much of the car is 23 karat gold. It has 270 jewels and diamonds and a mink interior. The radio is made of gold while the preset buttons are fitted with rubies. The car has 19,862 miles and a gold gas pedal. Ali owned the car for two years. The current owners plan to donate the money from its sale to charity.

As to how well it runs or if it's even drivable, we can't say...but we do know that the clock still keeps accurate time.