Beth claims my new Honda Pilot (pictured) has headlights that resemble sinister eyes. She may be right--and science may support her opinion.

Now, there's only one car I'm aware of with special, supernatural powers. That's the fictional 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine, brought to life in the Stephen King novel that was turned into a 1983 movie. But, I will say, if you look at the grill of my car just right, you may begin to see Beth's point. And there may be a scientific reason behind the whole thing.

A study a few years ago reported by discovered that most people prefer to own cars that have "angrier" or more aggressive faces. And Toyota has been experimenting with tailoring its car designs (and specifically its cars' grills) to match the preferences of different cultures in various countries.

On the flip side, an article in detailed 15 Of the Happiest Cars You'll Ever See on the Road.

I'll admit that my Honda Pilot's face had NOTHING to do with my purchase of it--at least none that I'm aware of on a conscious level. Does your car rolling around in Central New York have a face and a personality? Please share your car pictures with us.


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