Beer has so many uses other than the obvious.  Whether it comes in a can, bottle or on tap, beer is meant for drinking.  But it can be used for so many other things.

Wash Your Hair
Beer makes your hair shinier with more volume.  Skip the conditioner and break out the beer.

Sleep Aid
Beer can help you with a good nights sleep, and you don't even have to drink it.  When you wash your sheets and pillowcases, pour beer into the washer.  Apparently there is something about the smell of beer that works as a sedative.

Revive Wooden Furniture
Save your half full or flat beer after a party to restore your furniture.  It'll restore the shine.  Add flat beer enough to moisten a towel and wipe down your furniture.  It'll return to its original fresh color.

Metal Polisher
When your silverware, faucets or other metal is looking a little dull, polish it with beer.  The amber brew is mildly acidic, which helps remove tarnish.  Just pour on a rag and polish away.

Save this tip for Spring.  If your garden is under attack from slugs and snails, just pour beer into a shallow dish and leave it out overnight.  They won't be a problem come mornign.

If you like the taste of beer, imagine what your food would taste like soaked in beer.  Try boiling brats in beer or putting a half can of beer up the butt of a chicken and roast. YUM!