Shopping for Valentine's day gifts for men can be a huge challenge. Not this year, give him the simple gift of "Utica On Tap" tickets. Don't believe me? Here's 5 reasons why these are the best gift ideas ever this year. 

1) Are You Buying Ties?

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Who the heck want's more ties? He's got plenty already! If I could get every tie I received as a gift and tie them all together, I'd probably have enough ties to make it from Rome to Utica. Skip the tie, give him the tickets!


2) He Loves Beer

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He loves beer already, therefore he will love your gift. You won't have to worry thinking "he will hate it!" because he won't! Not only does he love beer, he loves great craft beer. Utica On Tap has over 60 to choose from!


3) Give Him A Guys Day Out

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Think about it, you and the girls could get together and give them all the day out of the house. You benefit by kicking them out all day, and they benefit by getting a couple great drinks.


4) Are You Buying Him A Spa Day Instead?

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Are you seriously considering that? You should just throw your money out the window while driving down the highway. The perfect spa day is a day surrounded by beer and food. Utica On Tap is the perfect spa day for men.


5) They Get A Cool Beer Glass

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$30 in advance and include a souvenir tasting glass and three hours of unlimited sampling.


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