He should have thought twice before messing with this spitfire.

I remember one time I was visiting my grandparents’ house in Frankfort and the newspaper boy tried to swindle my grandpa out some money that he had already paid. The paper boy insisted that he owed him an additional $7.00 for the monthly subscription. My grandfather was a stickler for details and he kept meticulous records of bills and payment histories. When he showed the paperboy proof that he had already paid the kid became hostile and started screaming at him. He was clearly attempting to take advantage of a man he thought not wise or sharp enough to know better. After patiently and quietly listening to the paper boy's money demanding rant my grandpa reached into his pocket, pulled out $7.00 and asked the boy to take a walk with him. He escorted this young bully into the garage and pointed him in the direction of the riding lawn mower. You know what happens next right? Ha-ha my grandpa started it up, backed that thing out, and shredded the $7.00 right in front of the little crook. He stood there astonished and eventually left without any further commotion. This probably wasn't the most financially sound decision my grandfather ever made but it sure is funny and it goes to show that most of the time the older generation will outwit anybody.

Over the weekend a crook in Oneida tried to swindle a 90 year old man out of some cash and the senior chased him down, confronted him, and got some of his money back!

When the victim pulled out some cash to help, the chief said Tooke grabbed the whole handful and took off on foot — with the senior in hot pursuit.

(Rome Sentinel.Com)