Donna from Clark Mills wrote to me to tell us about her dad, who took ill in July of this year.  Donna started a collage of photos of her father and turned them into a Christmas tree for the holiday.  She shared her story with WKTV's YouNews and ask if we'd share it with you as well:

My Dad Has Been Very Sick Since July Of 2011, He Has Been In And Out Of The Hospital, Last Week, I Had To Make A Very Hard Decision And That Was To Put A Feeding Tube In His Stomach. I Started Out 6 Weeks, Making Pictures Of Dad And Me, The Times He Was Sick And In Good Health. Some How/Way, This Ended Up To Be A Christmas Tree, Made Out Of Cardboard And Wrapping Paper. This Project I Done Wasn't What I Wanted Or Intended In Making, Just Happened....And Thank God, I Could Share This Story, Its Wonderful To Share The Gifts We Have With Others...Even Those Who Don't Have The Funds, For Giving, Its Just About Sharing~N~Blessing Others....Thank You...Happy Holidays...God Bless.