Saying, "you do such a good job, I just wanted to say Merry Chistmas and thank you," a woman in Guilderland gave a New York State Trooper a card with $1000.

The trooper was en route to a call when he was a approached by a woman.  She handed the trooper the card.  Only after his shift did Troop G member Christopher Maniscalco open the card and see the money.

State Police officers are restricted by law from accepting gifts.  The Police are hoping the woman will come forward and name a charity where they may donate the money.

The story as related by Troop G on Facebook:

On Sunday December 2, Trooper Christopher Maniscalco was answering a complaint in the town of Guilderland.
While completing the call, Trooper Maniscalco was approached by a woman who asked if he was busy.
Trooper Maniscalco responded that he had a few moments and the woman proceeded to tell him, “Trooper I always see you around, doing a good job and wanted to say Merry Christmas and thank you.”

The woman handed him a holiday card, Trooper Maniscalco thanked the woman and went back to his call.
After his shift, Trooper Maniscalco remembered the card and opened it.
Inside, was a quote and $1,000 cash.
Unfortunately, by law, the State Police cannot accept such a gift and need the woman to identify specifically where she would like the donation to go.
State Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying this woman, in hopes of directing her donation and to thank her for her generous gift.
She is described as a woman in her early to mid 40s, blonde hair, 5’8", possibly driving a blue/gray minivan.
The complaint where the trooper originally responded was in the area of Oak Tree Lane in Guilderland.
If you know the woman, you are asked to contact SP Latham at 518-783-3211.