What's the best part about Sunday nights and TV during the summer? How about Big Brother 2011? Tonight was a new episode, and we have the recap and thoughts from your Big Brother Season 13 Guru, DJ Dave Wheeler.

The veteran house guests all realized one thing tonight, this new twist of “The Golden Key” is designed for floaters. These floaters will get a free ride to the top 10, without breaking a single sweat. Another dangerous part is the people you keep, could be strong contenders and you won't even know until the final 10. This by far has changed the Big Brother game forever!

As your blogger speculated earlier this week, and was confirmed tonight, the Old Veterans have made an alliance. Their mission is simple, take the newbies out of the game. Before Dick left the house, he brought the idea to the table that the Vets need another member in their alliance. Brandon suggested they get the newbies to turn on one another. However for all this “puppet magic” to work, they need a newbie they can manipulate. So far Dick thinks that this choice should be Porsche.

Porsche explained to Keith beforehand that she thought they needed to team up with the Veterans to make it far in the game. Keith let Porsche think it was a good idea, but to him, it was dumb. It appeared that Keith regretted picking Porsche as his “Prom Date”. Dominic came up with the idea to form an alliance with Keith, Cassi, and Lawon. They call themselves “The Regulators”. The objective of the Regulators is to vote out their partners. For example, if Keith and Porsche get put up, the regulators would vote out Porsche. Our first target for the Regulators may be Porsche.

Porsche met with Dick where he informed her the Vets wanted her to join their alliance. Dick feels she is a strong competitor, but also she will be very easy for the vets to manipulate. I have to agree, Porsche is a very strong competitor. However, I don't think she is very bright. I think her mind can be molded in any shape with the group she is in. Once Porsche told Keith, he informed the Regulators, and the big shocker of the night is they want her out.

There was at least some fun moments on tonight's episode, the Haves and Have-Not Challenge. In Big Brother history, the purpose of this challenge is to determine which house guest get the best treatment (meaning food and hot water) and become the “Have's”, while the “Have-Nots” live in a horrible bedroom where florescent lighting is on 24/7, the beds are hard and stiff, they get cold water, and they also get the world famous “Slop”. The challenge split the house into three teams: The Green Team (Keith, Adam, Dominic, and Porsche), The Blue Team (Danielle, Dick, Jeff, and Jordan) and last but not least The Orange Team (Kalia, Lawon, Shelly, and Cassi). All three teams were dressed up as “Space Cows”. Each team had to dive into the milk pit, head over to their jugs and squeeze the milk out. The first team to fill up the jugs would win, while the last team would become the first Have-Nots. Our winners for the challenge were The Blue team smoking the rest, while the Green Team came in second. Sad news for the Orange Team :(

Back to strategy: Dick thinks along with Porsche, the veterans needed to pick another house guest to get on their side. Dick's pick was Adam. Once Dick explained the offer to Adam, he kept telling him it was “an offer he couldn't refuse”. Adam explains to us in the diary room he is very weary of Dick and the rest. At the end of the episode we had to find out who our first nominees were, this of course falls in the hands of Rachel.

Rachel's gut feeling is to get ride of Keith. But at the same time she is afraid about keeping Porsche. She thinks Porsche could be a strong player, and a dangerous person to give a free ride to the final 10. Dick has faith in keeping Porsche, because he knows he can get all her votes and be a puppet master. At the end, Rachel nominated Keith and Porsche. Porsche was shocked with these results, while Keith knows the Regulators got his back. Who will get voted out? We will find out on Wednesday night.

DJ Dave's Thoughts

At first, I found it very odd that CBS insisted on leaving out the fact Dick left tonight. After watching the episode it makes more sense. The episode had a lot to do with him, and his role in the veteran alliance. I think Porsche is a stronger player than I gave her credit for, but I do feel her mind will be molded easily. If she chooses to go the Veteran Route, she will be betrayed and shafted. I still think two strong contenders being completely overlooked are Cassi and Shelly. Two me, these players will shape the game no matter what. It's also very clear to me tonight that the Veterans control the game. If these newbies don't start kicking some butt, they will be packing their bags and heading on home.

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Who do you think will be packing their bags and going home? Who do you think is a strong contender so far?