Driving into work on Black Friday morning, I was surprised to see the parking lot at the Wal-Mart I pass was not even a third full at 5AM.  That's very different from past Black Fridays.  What gives?  Seems most of the Friday shopping was done Thursday night as stores opened on Thanksgiving.
We've complied the fights, pushing and shoving, and general rudeness that often taints the day.

Update 5:30PM:  Black Friday ended early at a Wal-Mart in Tallahassee, FL after two people were shot.  The Tallahassee Democrat reports:

The Walmart located on Apalachee Parkway is currently shut down after witnesses reported hearing the sounds of gunshots from the store.

Witness Hoskuldur Fridriksson said he heard muffled gun shots when he was in the back of the store about an hour ago.

Witness John Williams said he heard about four shots as he was walking in the store. Williams said the the shots sounded like they came from outside.

People were running towards the back of the store and out of the store, said Williams.

Suspects are still on the loose.

Starting the shopping on Thursday night didn't mean there weren't "Black Friday riots." The video below is from Wal-Mart in Burlington, North Carolina, as shoppers fight over discounted Straight Talk phones.

(Note - some videos may contain violence and NSFW language.)

This video, taken early Friday at Wal-Mart in Southern California, shows a woman trampled on the ground when people clamor for discounted video games:

This fight occurred at Opry Mills Mall in Nashville.

WalMart opened at 8PM for the first Thanksgiving deals.  This was the scene at 7:57 Thursday night in Stockbridge, Georgia:

Termed a "Black Friday Freak Out," the aloha spirit was on display at this Best Buy in Hawaii: