Weddings are supposed to be full of love, romance, and a lot of fun by spending time together. After years of getting to know one another, it’s a cute and special day. Elizabeth Balogh was arrested on her ‘special day’ after accepting a £400 payment to marry a complete stranger. Now who said marriage couldn’t pay off?

Just yesterday the 33-year-old was jailed, along with her intended husband after a scam was uncovered when registrars in Cardiff became very suspicious of Balogh and her 25-year-old fiancé Asif Hussain.

Prosecutor Hywel Hughes told Cardiff Crown Court: ‘It was  apparent that there was very little verbal communication between  the bride and groom'. He also said that it was ‘very odd’ that the couple wanted to get married ‘as quickly as possible’ and had arranged the wedding in a  matter of weeks.

Our newly wed couple soon admitted that their relationship was fake. They admitted it had been set up by Balogh’s cousin Valerie Farkas, 45, who played the role of interpreter because both didn’t speak a common language.

Hussain paid Balogh £400 to marry him after his student visa ran out. He hoped to stay in Cardiff to undertake a master’s degree  in business administration. The only degree he will be working on now is, “The Jail-Bird Degree”.

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