Daily Distraction

Introducing A New CNY Radio Station: DJ Jr
Check out the beginnings of a new radio station - two miniature DJ's out to change the world. It could be Lite 98.7's newest sister station, or it could turn out to be our biggest competition.
Shakespeare Comes To the Utica Zoo
You've heard of "Shakespeare In The Park", so why not "Shakespeare In The Zoo"? See a 17th century tragicomedy performed around the corner from monkeys.
Duran Duran Appreciation Day
August 10th is Duran Duran Appreciation Day. At Lite 98.7, we certainly appreciate their contribution to 80's music and beyond. So why exactly is there a day for this?
Utica Area Smartphone Apps
There's an app for that. Seriously, take a look at all the apps on your phone or tablet. So what Utica area apps are out there?
Utica Rocks, I Mean REALLY Rocks
Have you heard of The Kindness Rocks Project? Well, it's here in Utica and it's something for the whole community to have fun with.

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