What Are We Voting No On in New York?
By now you've seen the signs all over Central New York lawns - VOTE NO. So what is the New York State Constitutional Convention? And what are we even debating?
How Patriotic is New York?
We were excited to see that Buffalo was ranked one of the best cities in America for 4th of July celebrations. So what state is the "Most Patriotic"?
Upstate Taxi Drivers Launch Anti-Uber Ads
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently suggested that we contact our area representatives and ask them to vote in favor of bringing Uber to Upstate New York.  We are in one of the very few regions of the country without the ride-sharing service...
Claudia Tenney Will Represent NY 22 in the House
It was a hard fought, extremely negative, three-way race for New York's 22nd Congressional district. Ultimately, it was the current Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney who won over the majority of voters. She has officially earned the title of Congresswoman-elect, beating Kim Myers and Martin Babinec …

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