Secret Santa Gifts Under $20-Holiday Shopping 2013
Are you a secret Santa this Christmas?  Secret Santa exchanges at work are fun but can be a bit tricky too.  What to get for someone you might not know too well that's within the dollar amount allowed.  Before you stress over that Secret Santa gift, check out this list of secret …
Who You Should Tip And How Much To Tip For The Holidays
As you're making a list of who's getting what this Christmas, don't forget the people who help you out all year long.  Who should get a tip for the holidays and how much should a holiday tip be?  This tipping checklist will help you out.
2013 Black Friday Fights and Riots
While some people stayed away from retailers on Thanksgiving night and Black Friday, others came out to shop. As usual, there were fights over the perceived best deals. Check out the videos that have been uploaded from the retail war zones.
Did Shoppers Come Out on Thanksgiving Evening?
Several major retailers made headlines when they announced when they would open their doors on Thanksgiving evening. News reports are coming in from around the country are mixed results. See the news coverage below.
Check Out This iPhone Case That Looks Like Brass Knuckles
A coworker has a new iPhone case that looks like just a pair of brass knuckles and it's been the talk of the office. Check out the photos and you'll want a pair of your own. As a bonus, she told me the case is actually very functional as the finger holes make it not clumsy to hold the phon…

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