Kmart Will Ship Your Pants Video + Response
Perhaps not since the Blue Light Special has Kmart been so culturally relevant.  The retailer has one of the hottest viral videos on YouTube with this commercial inviting shoppers to 'ship their pants.'
What’s The Most Popular Car In The World?
Any guesses what car is the most popular in the world?  Like me, I bet lots of people would've said the Toyota Camry.  While the Camry is on the list of the ten most popular vehicles in the world, it's not number one.  Ready to be surprised?
Outrageously Expensive Gifts To Really Impress Your Valentine
Happy Valentine's Day!  Hopefully the day will find you showered with love and gifts from your sweetie.  For those who've procrastinated and put off buying Valentine's Day gifts until today, how about some over the top gifts that will max out your credit card?  Think ho…
February Is A Great Time To Buy These Items
Hello February.  You may be the shortest month but there are lots of reasons to like you.  Valentine's Day comes to mind.  President's Day sales is another.  A new month brings savings for shoppers, if you know what to look for.   What are the best things to buy th…
Unusual Gifts For That Hard To Buy For Person On Your List
If you're like me, there's always at least one person on my holiday list who's hard to buy for. Perhaps they buy whatever they want, leaving you struggling to come up with a unique gift.  Or maybe they don't collect anything and when you ask for gift suggestions they tell you whatever you pick will …
How To Avoid Overspending This Holiday Season
Overspending during the holidays is easy to do.  Getting caught up in gift giving and going over budget can happen very quickly.  The joy of the season is lost when the bills start rolling in after the holidays.  What can you do to not overspend this year?
Cyber Monday Do’s & Don’ts
Cyber Monday is here and ranks as the heaviest shopping day of the season. Even more shoppers are expected to shop online year and although a record 85 percent of retailers will offer special sales today, it’s best to buy from a retailer you know and trust.
The Better Business Bureau recommends the f…

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