Boonville Snow Festival Cancelled Again
Unfortunately, this winter we've gotten FEET of snow...then rain. Then more snow and another thaw. This weekend (February 24-26, 2017) would have been the rescheduled Boonville Snow Festival, but it has been cancelled again.
New York Announces New Park Pass For Families
Love to use New York's State Park System for family vacations or day trips? That state is introducing a new way to take advantage of all that natural beauty. And it's perfect for families with multiple vehicles.
Boonville Snow Festival Returns
With all the snow we've gotten, the action should be awesome. They had to cancel the original Snow Festival in January due to the rain and warm weather. But they're back on for February 24-26,
What Is That Arrow On Your Car’s Gas Gauge
Maybe you've noticed it before and never given it a second thought. What does the triangle indicator next to the gas tank mean? This feature has been added to virtually all cars since the mid 2000's, but many people still don't realize what it is trying to tell you.
What is a Sanctuary City?
With the immigration and travel bans recently enacted, the question has come up "what exactly is a sanctuary city?" and "do we have any in New York State?" It seems like this topic is loaded with political opinions and connotations,
‘Must Haves’ For Your Car In An Upstate New York Winter
Even if you don't take a lot of out of town trips during the winter, it is easy to accidently slide of a road or ramp in heavy snow.  People have actually died because they became stranded with no one nearby to help and they weren't prepared for the cold.
New York Is 2nd On List Of ‘Safest Driver’ States
When it comes to the least number of highway fatalities caused by reckless driving, the Empire State is number 2 on the list.  That's according to an eleven year study done by the Auto Insurance Center.
Out of the 50 states, only Virginia ranked higher than New York when it comes …

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