Low Water Levels Force Closing Of Hinckley Boat Launch
With water levels nearly 15 feel below normal, the New York Power Authority has closed the Hinckley Dam and Reservoir.  The NYPA said the extremely low water levels make conditions unsafe for boat launching.  The canoe and kayak launch area are still open...
Hot Weekend Makes May In Central New York Warmer Than Normal
Until a few days ago, the average temperature for May here in Central New York was below average.  Then came the record Memorial Day Weekend heat.
According to, the temperatures in the area between May 25th and 31st were 12 to 15 degrees above normal...
Strong Storms Hit Central New York
The hot, muggy temperatures brought on some short, but strong storms Sunday afternoon and evening.  No serious damage was reported, but some trees were up-rooted and a few area roads became waterlogged.
Canadian Fire Smoke Drifts Over Upstate New York
The smoke from those terrible wildfires in Alberta Canada has reached Upstate new York.  This could cause misty skies and very vivid sunsets.
The U-S Weather Service tells the Wildfire Today webpage that skies aren't quite as blue as usual, and the sunset may be more colorful...

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