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StarCrush is Now Optimized for Mobile Devices
Now, in addition to all the news and celebrity gossip we bring you through laptop and desktop screens, you can also stay up-to-date on the go -- because StarCrush has a new mobile viewing experience. Suggested by you and created for you.
But not created BY you. We have people for that. (You're w…
Feminist Taylor Swift Is Everything You Want It to Be
Do you secretly love Taylor Swift, but keep your love hidden because liking her lyrics makes you deeply, deeply ashamed? Twitter profile Feminist Taylor Swift is just the thing for you. They just take a Taylor Swift lyric and tack a feminist button onto it.
What is Waze?
Google opened their checkbook today and purchased an app called Waze. So what is Waze and why did Google spend $1.3 billion to purchase it?

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