A Clayville soldier who has been fighting with the Bank of America over fraudulent debit charges is finally getting his money back, two years later. Better late than never.

John McDevitt claims, while he was on leave in 2010 in Greece, he had a few drinks on his debit card, but the establishment charged him twenty five thousand dollars. According to WKTV, McDevitt wrote to Bank of America and protested, but 'they investigated and they say they aren't responsible for this at all.' McDevitt protested outside the Utica branch a few weeks ago holding a sign that read: 'A soldier that puts America first should have a bank that puts the soldier first.'

His story was picked up national by ABC News and the Huffington Post. The national attention must have done some good. JusticeforJohn.org now says Bank of America plans to refund all of the money. Lets hear it for the working man! It's nice to see them on the winning side for a change rather than the big business companies continuing to get away with whatever they want.