We all get frustrated with our jobs occasionally, but a tractor tire in Clinton decided it had enough of going 'round and 'round every day, and took off for a brief - if liberating -  crime spree.

The tire, which hasn't been named, was traveling down a residential road in Clinton around 8:30am, when it made its escape from the rear of the tractor to which it was attached. It rolled straight for the first target it saw: a Honda Civic, striking the Civic and damaging its rear end. Perhaps the tire missed its true target: the bicycle belonging to the homeowner had left the driveway only moments before, its tires ready to embark on an enjoyable trip around the village. Was the tractor tire motivated by jealousy? A desire for a change of scenery? We will probably never know.


Credit: Nancy Gallagher

After the incident, the tractor, the Civic and the vigilante tire - by now feeling a little ashamed, and dare I say, deflated - were removed by tow truck. The tire has since been re-attached to the tractor.

The tire had no comment.

As the tire heads back to work, rolling along, it will always have the memory of its few brief moments of freedom on one bright August morning.

Credit: Nancy Gallagher

(The homeowners report that no one was injured in the accident, and that they are friends of the tractor owner, who has apologized for the unruly tire.)