And so this is Christmas, 2010. How was yours? Mine wasn't too bad. Before Christmas, I got engaged to the world's most awesome woman and spent Christmas Eve with her and my daughter, Terry, and all day Christmas with Terry. And when I go home after my little on air show tonight, I get to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special! Now for someone like me, that is a pretty awesome Christmas.

Then I started thinking about past Christmases when my parents were still alive and how the famiily celebrated Christmas. I remember those days fondluy but as with anything in this world, things change, life continues and we move on. Terry was too young to remember those Christmases as she was only a baby. But now I am building new family Christmas traditions that she'll pass along to her children, and their children. It's almost like being immortal. But to set the record straight, I would not want to be immortal as I would probably get bored after the first few hundred years. You can only watch so many Big Bang Theory reruns.

But the point I am making, is that family is very importatant to me. More so now that I am a father. I get all those things Mom and Dad were trying to teach me. Family is an awesome thing, and is a lot like a cnady bar. It's sweet and sometimes full of nuts. I'm happy to say I'm one of my family's nuts.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!