It’s not secret that men are the smartest creatures on the planet. As a male, I’m allowed to say that, and I have to agree. We tend to try and do something that seems like a great idea, then we fail miserably. So don’t be too mad if he screws up big next time!

Now maybe you guy needs some extra help this holiday season. Let’s face it; no one wants to screw up around the holidays. Guys are concerned about how much money to spend on the gift, what kind of message their gift may be sending and whether or not she'll like it. Guys have to be extremely careful with what they pick out.

Share with him this list, so then there will be no excuse for goof ups:

  • Workout Equipment- It may be with the best of intentions, but you'll take it meaning he thinks you’re fat.
  • Any Kitchen Appliance- Again, the wrong message will be sent here.
  • A Pet- Guys think that giving their girl a cute little puppy is exactly what they want, but with it comes a ton of responsibility that they weren't really looking for.
  • Stuffed Animals- Girls liked them when they were six.
  • Gift Certificates- Sure, you may use it, but it will just make your guy look clueless and lame.

What else should be added to gifts he shouldn’t consider getting you?