The popular vampire drama 'True Blood' based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlene Harris has been renewed for a 5th season by HBO. If 'True Blood' holds true to form, then next summer's episodes will focus on action from the 5th book in the series, Dead as a Doornail.

Series creator Alan Ball recently told Entertainment Weekly there is a lot of life left in the series:

I love doing it and I don’t really have any plans of doing anything else right now,” Ball said. He also has plenty of material to cull from Harris’ book series. “She said there will be a total of 13 novels, and she’s publishing 10 or 11. If we did do 13 seasons I believe we would have to address why are the vampires aging

In celebration of 'True Blood's' renewal, enjoy photos from our recent Hunk of the Day, 'True Blood's' Alcide, Joe Manganiello.

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