Growing up did you ever want to paint? Did you ever want to draw? Did you ever want to re-create anything at all? Well you could in Pappyland! Pappy Drewitt showed children how to be creative. It was such a huge part of my childhood, and maybe it was for yours. You can now help bring it back!

In each episode, Pappy taught viewers important life lessons like sharing and manners. Pappy drew pictures, and in the process taught you how to draw.  The show was meant to spark an interest in creating, and at the end of the program, Pappy featured pictures sent to him by his fans. We always tried sending pictures in to Pappy, whether my parents really mailed them is another question for debate.

You can help “Bring Pappyland back to TV” by signing this petition from our friends over at The Petition site. The petition needs over 1,000 signatures to be approved and passed on. Here are the reasons why you should sign:

“Children these days need a creative outlet and Pappy is the answer. Also budget cuts are cutting art classes and supplies in public schools. So you should be able to draw from the comfort of your own home. Just use whatever you have and you'll be drawing like Pappy!”

You can sign that here.

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