They say not all heroes wear capes - and we know that applies to Moms. Moms are the family's superhero, and we want to celebrate everything you do.

We want to make you a member of our Super Mom Squad - our own team of Super Moms who keep it all together while having fun in the process. Let's celebrate those special Mom moments - whether it's a something funny your kids said, a day where things went wrong but you made lemonade out of lemons, or just those small victories - like finding a match for every sock in the dryer. Tell us about it.

We want to celebrate your awesome Mom-ness. Share your favorite Mom Moment in the form below, and each month we'll select a mom to join the Super Mom Squad. You provide the cape, and Kinney Drugs will provide a $200 gift card which you can use to buy anything Kinney carries.

Share Your Favorite Mom Moment

Tell us your favorite Mom Moment for your chance to join the Super Mom Squad and win a $200 Kinney Drugs gift card.
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