One of my favorite childhood memories was visiting my grandparents in Frankfort.  Each summer my sister and I would receive seven days of spoiling.


I always looked forward to venturing off to KB Toys at Sangertown Square where we were allowed to pick out whatever we wanted regardless of the price. Usually however, I’d choose those inexpensive little green plastic army figurines. What was I thinking?! I should have snagged a Huffy or two.


Oh how I loved the fish fry from Marloggs, and the pizza from Tony’s. And how could I forget the sugary cereal from Chanatry’s? Cinnamon Toast Crunch was a welcome treat after suffering through eleven months of Corn Bran and Grape Nuts. My sweet grandmother would say: “I don’t want you to go home and say you didn’t have enough to eat at Gramma’s”. I never had to worry about that because I always over indulged. In fact, even today popcorn is a no go. I got really ill from overdoing it at Gram’s one summer.


Front yard fun always included one on one kickball tournaments that I usually lost…..On several occasions I had to leap over a stone wall to chase the ball that had soared over my head and was making its way down Brockway Road. Yes gramma had some incredible kicking power…. She was also 82!  One of my other adventures included taking walks and collecting Herkimer Diamonds alongside of the road.  I thought for sure I was going to retire at eleven!


Walker Texas Ranger and Wheel of Fortune…Need I say more?