The small abandoned island referred to as the "Island Of Madness" in the Venetian lagoon has just come on the market and all of its bloody history is becoming quite the selling point.

Poveglia Island began as a Roman fortification that grew into a shipping point for ships that were traveling to Venice, that is until the late 1700s when the first plague victims arrived on the island. Then the island was then turned into a quarantine zone for Venice. Poveglia Island spent years taking in ships of plague victims when it was officially transformed into a 'temporary confinement station for the ill' a lazzaretto until its closure in 1814.

It's said that during this time period that thousands of plague victims died on the island and due to the mass deaths the authorities simply used mass graves and burned the bodies to prevent the spread of the plague.

Later in the 20th Century the island was used as a quarantine station again however, the existing buildings were converted into a hospital for the mentally ill that remained open into the late 1960s. During this time there were many accounts of doctors performing lobotomies, and other cruel experiments on patients that resulted in many deaths and even suicides of the staff.

After all of this tragic history, many residents of Venice regard Poveglia Island as not only a historic site but a very haunted one at that. There are countless reports of shadow figures, ghostly voices, noises and even screams coming from the island at odd hours.

Still, with such a prime location near Venice, the Italian government does not want to leave the property in disuse and has just offered a 99-year lease to anyone that is interested. After all, it would make for the perfect ghost hunting destination or more likely, a grand hotel. Just mind the burial fields with your landscaping.