I was surprised to learn that some states have official state dogs. Washington state has the husky while Alaska has the malamute - those both make sense. So what would a state dog of New York be?

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Winner

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show goes back to 1877 and is held annually in New York City. Perhaps the official state dog could be a rotating title and goes to whatever breed wins the annual dog show.

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

What better breed of dog to pick for an animal to represent the Empire State than one name for one of her favorite sons, Teddy Roosevelt. The terrier breed was named in his honor and Roosevelt had a pet terrier named Scamp while his family lived in the White House.

The Hot Dog

Perhaps New York's most famous dog isn't a dog at all, but a frankfurter. After all, Alaska may have their malamutes and Virginia her foxhounds, but no one has this kind of devotion to dogs:

Photo by Monika Graff/Getty Images