There’s nothing worse than when you’re in an argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you end up saying the wrong things to make the situation even worse. It happens, we all make mistakes, and we’re all human. I tend to make this mistake a lot, but I’m a guy, I don’t know any better! If you want to avoid that big blowout due to saying something worthless that just makes the situation worse consider removing these phrases from your vocab.

Take our relationship advice, don't say any of the following phrases:

1)      "It is what it is."- Meaning it sucks, and you can’t change it.

2)      "It's all good." - When something bad goes wrong, it isn’t all good

3)      "To be honest." - Which implies everything else you say is dishonest?

4)      "No offense." - Which is always followed by something offensive.

5)      "With all due respect."- Meaning you’re about to make an insult.

Are there any phrases that make you crazy? Are there any people in your life who often use these phrases with you?