The State of New York is considering releasing the evaluations of teachers in public schools across the state.  Should parents be allowed to see the see the grades of the teachers who are grading thier children?

Opinion from our partner site WZOZ in Oneonta:

New York State is moving toward providing more ammunition against teachers who are scrutinized, held to ridiculous standardized test results, and are otherwise under funded and under appreciated by what has become the definition of a good parent.

George Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” reform required individual states to implement more standardized testing as a way to gather measurable data by which schools could be compared to national averages.

It also decreed that if districts didn’t meet minimum test scores, funding could be cut. How does that make sense?

It forced some schools in this area and across the state to enact no-fail policies, depending on the district, to keep getting that government cheese.

This means there are students in high school right now who are reading at second grade levels, can’t pass a basic math test and will be lucky to graduate. Meanwhile high school educators are expected to make up for years of neglect in order to improve district Regents test scores and graduation rates.