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Wrinkles Around Your Eyes? It's A Good Thing!
While the study was conducted, researchers took photos of people with different facial expressions: some people in the photos had wrinkles around their eyes and some did not. Then, participants were asked to rate each others images.
2018 Whitestown Trash Pick-Up Information Released
For two weekends only, June 4th through June 8th and June 11th through June 15th, there will be a variety of items to be collected for disposal. They need to be separated into piles based on what it is.
Six Facts About the "Newbie"
Can I just start this first post by saying how seriously excited I am to be here? It really is a dream come true for me.
Smithfield Tornado Benefit [PHOTOS]
On Tuesday, July 8, a tornado with speeds of 100-125 miles per hour touched down in Smithfield, New York. Four people were killed in the disaster, the second most for one tornado in history. An outpour of support came from community members across New York State, asking for ways to help.