2013 boilermaker

Boilermaker Boosts Prize Money
Winners of this year's Boilermaker Road Race will be going home with a little extra cash.
Race officials have announced an increase in prize money, which will be spread among the male and female open, masters and top Americans categories...
Boilermaker Strides To Go Green
To demonstrate its commitment to going green, the Boilermaker has applied for certification from the Council for Responsible Sport.
Certification from the council formally recognizes the successful completion of a socially and environmentally responsible sporting event...
Boilermaker On The Move?
The Utica Boilermaker Offices and National Distance Running Hall of Fame may be on the move.
Executive Director Tim Reed says they've agreed to sell their building on Genesee Street to Feed Our Vets.
Reed says they're currently looking for a new location in West Utica...
Boilermaker To Again Pick Up Tab For Utica Public Safety Costs
For the second straight year, organizers of the Boilermaker will be underwriting the cost of public safety during Boilermaker Week.
Executive Director Tim Reed will present Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri with a check for $18,000 at tonight's first Boilermaker Committee meeting at Mohawk Valley Communi…