Wine Delivery in CNY is the Best Thing Ever
A few weeks ago, we learned that OrderIt Alcohol Delivery was coming to the Utica area. The business officially launched on February 1, 2017 and we decided to put it to the test.
Snacks Created Just for Drinking Made in Utica, NY
Many people who like to enjoy a cocktail after work, or over the weekend aren't looking for a full meal. Sometimes they just want a little something to snack on while they enjoy their favorite adult beverage. That is where Ross Nadeau comes in. He has developed a full line of snack foods t…
Delicious Hangover Cure Coming to the New York State Fair
What some call their Sunday morning drink of choice is the classic Bloody Mary. Usually the need for this beverage is a result of a rowdy weekend. Well, how about giving this popular cocktail a new twist at this years Great New York State Fair? If you love this breakfast of booze, then you need to s…
Saranac Brewery Puts Their Own Twist on a Classic Cocktail
If you've ever had the classic cocktail, The Moscow Mule, than you know exactly what's in it and how it is supposed to be served. Saranac has brilliantly taken the idea behind this popular mixed drink and produced a brand new hard soda just in time for Summer. It's called 'Mule K…

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